Biohazard Team


Our Team consists of multi-annual hobbyists, board games geeks and specialists (ie. Illustrators, 3d sculptors and concept artists). Unable to settle for a full one title we decided to create a game that meets our high expectations. We would like to get you up the Biohazard Game!


Aleksander (aka “YoungOlo”) is a longtime fan of board games and miniatures skirmishes, as well as the great
general of the legion of the undead (undead army from the Warhammer). His strong point was always very good
memory for rules. In Perun Games Ltd Alexander keep an eye on rules and rules balance as well as company finances.

  • Favorite system? Age of Sigmar
  • The model that you like the most? Infinity: Ariadna – Zouaves
  • What sort of board game you usually come back? Zombicide: Seson one.


Daniel (aka “Teillman”) is related to board games and miniatures games more than 16 years.
He started his hobby jurney in systems such as Warhammer and Warhammer 40k in late 90′.
His passion and love for the games grew which led to join the project Biohazard.
For over a year he led the painting studio, that You could hear about Your Well Painted Army.
Professionally linked to the IT industry and more specifically to the testing of IT systems
and applications as well as the implementation of IT systems.
In Perun Games Ltd he’s taking care about whole production aspect.

  • Favorite system? “Oldhammer” 😉
  • The model that you like the most? Mountain King from Privateer Press.
  • What sort of board game you usually come back? Ticket to Ride.


Tomasz (aka „Santa”) is an aspiring concept artist, currently studying Graphic Design.
He had never own even one miniature, but had always been deeply fascinated with lore of
many systems, such as Warhammer FB or Warhammer 40K. Art from both of them massively
inspired him to start posting his own work online.Besides studying and working in the industry,
he finds great joy in training Kickboxing and Muay Thai, though rather for enjoyment than competitions 😉

  •  Favorite system? Warmachine
  • The model that you like the most? Logan Grimnar on Stormrider
  • What sort of board game you usually come back to? Talisman


Matti (aka “Thorash”) Mańka had childhood fulled of Warhammer, but he started his true
adventure with miniatures in ~2000 year, and his passionate to it still remain.
He loves gamming, painting and reading the WFB fluff, with the same power
and never favours any of these three parts.
You may check his achievements at studio.By profession he is graphic designer,
web programer and sometimes photographer.

  • Favorite system? Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  • The model that you like the most? Egrimm van Horstmann Games Workshop
  • What sort of board game you usually come back to? “Oldhammer” 🙂


Daniel is an illustrator and concept artist working in entertainment industry for past 7 years.
He’s been working on games, movies and all kinds of book covers and illustrations.
He designed many tabletop battlemats as well as whole figures for wargames.
In his free time [which he chronically lacks] he’s working on his own project, cyberpunk graphic novel.
His adventure with miniature games spring many years ago when as a kid he’s been introduced to
Warhammer 40k universe. After few years break [around 14] he’s back into business with Slaanesh
themed CSM army and nowadays, Corvus Belli ‘Infinity’ Nomads.

  • Favorite system? Infinity
  • The model that you like the most? Infinity: Nomads – Killer Hacker Bandit
  • What sort of board game you usually come back to? Chess
  • 5-stars
    A very large amount of details.

    It makes it even easier for us to enter the atmosphere of the game and feel the mood of faction. Quality of the cast and the details are at the highest level!
    ~Łukasz Lagod

  • 5-stars 
    I fell in love!

    It holds very precise details and has no mold lines. I fell in love with the concept art and I think the mini fully realizes it.  
    ~Christopher Sheets

  • 5-stars
    Miniatures are perfectly casted!

    No mould lines, no mould shifts, no bubbles. Cast quality 5/5. It was a pleasure to paint them, every element is clearly separated from another. I found out even a tiny details on belt's buckle! ~Karol

  • 5-stars
    Right out of the Apocalypse!

    The pose and sculpt are right on point & utterly imposing. There were no mould lines -- pieces fit perfectly together. Surviving will be no problem with details like this. ~James Keller

  • 5-stars
    Im quite impressed with it!

    I could not find any mold lines what so ever,
    there is plenty of detail on the mini including the gun.
    Im looking forward to seeing the rest of your minis. ~Tom Mills