The Nobodies


“The Nobodies” are people who didn’t work for any of the corporations before it all went down. The apocalypse made them equal to people of corporations – now they all are just survivors.



When the world as we know so far turned into a nightmare, thanks to the great luck they survived long enough to gather a larger group. Among the Survivors , You can meet both the former director of the company and an ordinary farmer. It does not matter who you were before the apocalypse. Now, You are the same piece of meat like the others… well… maybe a smarter one…

Scavengers  are amongst the most important group members of The Nobodies. They may not be the best fighters around, but their looting skills are remarkable and every survivor appreciates having his stomach full!

It’s not easy to be a kid in post-apocalyptic world of Biohazard. You still have to earn your food. So you run, you loot, you shoot… But it also has its merits – even the toughest survivor can hesitate for a moment before he pulls the trigger, thinking “It’s just a kid…”. That’s when you shoot.

Dogs were humans’ best friends before the world ended and not much changed about that. They can be found in many survivor groups – serving as scouts, protectors or just companions.

If you want to survive in the world of Biohazard, you must either have your own supplies or something to trade. Many groups of Nobodies are led by mercenaries. Their experience in the struggle and survival is worth more than a can of peaches or soup. In the end, it’s your life …
  • 5-stars
    A very large amount of details.

    It makes it even easier for us to enter the atmosphere of the game and feel the mood of faction. Quality of the cast and the details are at the highest level!
    ~Łukasz Lagod

  • 5-stars 
    I fell in love!

    It holds very precise details and has no mold lines. I fell in love with the concept art and I think the mini fully realizes it.  
    ~Christopher Sheets

  • 5-stars
    Miniatures are perfectly casted!

    No mould lines, no mould shifts, no bubbles. Cast quality 5/5. It was a pleasure to paint them, every element is clearly separated from another. I found out even a tiny details on belt's buckle! ~Karol

  • 5-stars
    Right out of the Apocalypse!

    The pose and sculpt are right on point & utterly imposing. There were no mould lines -- pieces fit perfectly together. Surviving will be no problem with details like this. ~James Keller

  • 5-stars
    Im quite impressed with it!

    I could not find any mold lines what so ever,
    there is plenty of detail on the mini including the gun.
    Im looking forward to seeing the rest of your minis. ~Tom Mills